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About Me


I am Timmy van den Berg 39 years old from Belgium.  I am not a nature fanatic or something like that. I am just a person who is facinated of what all came forth from the investigation I did for finding truth.  But this website is the result of my main pick as niche/direction what I will be using with affiliate marketing.

Welcome to my website Natural Health Research Center.  I also created this website because of my anti-pharma behaviour, this is since I just was a kid. I always have been afraid of hospitals and almost never needed any medicin.

When I began learning affiliate marketing I had to choose a niche (range of products), I directly choose Health, this is a common problem where help/medicin/support is needed everyday. Because its a bit against who I am to offer just medicin, I made Health based on natural ingredients.  At that time I didn't suspect that the information I researched lied close to a big research I did earlier about people who rule the U.S.  One of these persons of whom I already had a lot of information, is the exact same person that raged a by millions funded war against Natural  Health methods.  These Natural health methods got forbidden for 100 years in the US.

Now I have done even more research and I got an even bigger fan of this website.  Since the beginning of human life, people began trying and so were able to find many cures in nature.  I want to let you know that I am a firm believer in the scriptures of our Father, just want to say that even the bible says there is a cure on earth in form of a plant or herb for every disease.

But unfortunately we live in a cruel world, it  is even worse than you possible think it is.  Many people live in their own dream world.  I have many dissapointments each day because of what I know and believe.  My goal is to inform my close family (father-mother-brother, friends) but everybody says I am going insane.  i think I would go insane if Yahuah wasn't guiding me each day, filling me with faith, hope, strength, love, patience, love and so much more.  I believe that when someone gets ill, you have the capacity to get better just by believing that you are healing and will get well soon.  I am convinced that our humanbody and mind our the biggest and best weapons you possibly could ask for. 

My opinion is:

You can predict your own future by creating your future...

It all starts with you mind, positive thinking will bring positive things towards you.

Be very cautious of ...

what you let come out of your mouth, you speak life when you speak only positive words  (like when you nuture/care for someone/something it will grow), but speaking negative is like death. Nothing will grow out of your negative words.