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India Herbs

If you have not undergone a detoxification program in the past 12 months to remove toxin and waste buildup from your body, then we highly recommend you take Ayurtox for a minimum of 4 months in conjunction with Ayurstate to enjoy the best possible results.

Special offer :  Men Urogential Tune-up

Men's Urogenital Tune-Up

Based on Ayurvedic Medicine as seen on the Dr. Oz Show.

Super-Charge your Sex Life!

 Totally rejuvenate your Urogenital System in 4 months through an intense supplementation / lifestyle enhancement program with medical consultations which will:

  • Detoxify and Invigorate your Body

  • Strengthen your Reproductive System

  • Revitalize your Prostate

  • Energize your Sex Chakra

  • Elevate your Sex Drive

  • Engender Youthful Sexual Response

  • Harden & Prolong your Erections

  • Improve your Ejaculation Control

  • Extend your Sexual Stamina

  • Intensify your Orgasms

  • Strengthen Ejaculation

  • Increase your Semen Volume

  • Boost your Sperm Count

All aspects of your Urogenital System are addressed including overall hormonal levels, circulation, metabolism, and stress relief:


The Urogenital supplementation program involves taking 4 proven formulations on a daily basis for 4 months:

Men's Urogenital Tune-Up Program Meal Ayurtox/Ayurstate/Kama Raja/SukrajaBreakfast1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule Lunch 2 capsules  Dinner 1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule

The Yoga program involves a 20 minute yoga routine which should be practiced 5 to 7 days a week for 4 months minimum:

The Lifestyle Enhancement program consists of medical consultations, customized lifestyle guidance, and monthly follow-ups:

MonthActivity1Medical History Review, Doctor Consultation, Customized Lifestyle Guidance2Monthly Follow-Up / Access to Doctor upon request3Doctor Consultation / Access to Doctor upon request4Monthly Follow-Up / Access to Doctor upon request

This comprehensive, holistic rejuvenation program will turn back the clock on your Urogenital System and revive your sexuality to optimal performance!  Our system is based on over 7 years of treatment knowledge gained from working with men from around the world in conjunction with supplementation and lifestyle principles espoused by 5,000 Year Old Ayurveda Science.

The Men's Urogenital Tune-Up is a tremendous bargain for everything you get.  You might expect this amazing program with qualified doctor participation to cost thousands of dollars.  So, you'll be delighted to know the price in USD is only $810!

Product / Service Quantity / Months Supply Cost Ayurtox for Body Detoxification 4 for 200 $Ayurstate for Prostate Care 4 for 200$ Kama Raja for Male Virility 4 for 200$ Sukraja for Male Potency 4 for 200$ Medical History Review / Consultation 2 for 60$ Kama Yoga for Male Virility DVD 1 for 40$   

Program Value


Program Discount


Total Cost


If you are serious about attaining peak sexual health and are ready to work with us every step of the way (consistently taking the supplements, practicing the virility yoga, and following diet / lifestyle guidance), then this program will bring you definite and lasting results in a 4 month period!

* Due to the comprehensive nature of this program, our Money Back Guarantee will be limited to $200 if you are not fully satisfied after completing it.  If you have not tried out supplements before, we welcome you to try any of our supplements for a 4 month period (fully covered by our 110% Guarantee).  Once you experience our service and product efficacy, we are confident you will opt for a complete urogenital tune-up!


Price: $810.00 

The India Herb products

Kama Rani is a natural supplement geared towards optimizing women's total sexual health, libido, and pleasure.  It will:

Elevate your Desire for Sex.

Heighten your Excitement.

Rejuvenate your Vagina.

Sensitize your Clitoris.

Engender Proper Lubrication.

Help you Fully Plateau.

Help you Achieve Orgasms.

  100% Extracts Independently Tested by SGS for Quality and Safety 110% Money Back Guarantee! 100% Natural - 100% Safe

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Kama Rani




Weight Loss 

Weight Loss is a huge problem!  People who are running the business are doing everything, including poisoning our food, so we will gain weight and need and try so much products they will support us in our journey losing weight to get back to our healthy fit body that we used to have. 

This includes myself.  As teenager i was always busy practicing basketball, and after the age of 18, i began working.  And when i work i do it totally actiely. This kept me from gaining weight, but the last 7 years i am not working anymore. Since i got hospitalized i have to take medicine injection monthly and this is only one of the reasons i began gaining weight 27 kilo in three/four years.

But i am fed up with this, nof having any endurance, eating more than i need to, not active anymore, just lazy. So i am researching for myself to find the best suitable product to startlosing weight, and these products i think are worth trying, i will share with you below



Proven / Weight Loss supplement

€250.37 €56.50

Proven / Weight Loss supplement

€250.37 €56.50

Proven by Nutravesta

is a detox formula that has been designed to help folks who have trouble losing weight. This supplement employs natural ingredients, sourced from the best suppliers and rich in antioxidants, to speed up the process of weight loss.

If you’re eating healthy and exercising too, but still not seeing any significant results then you should definitely try ProVen weight loss supplement. It has a great quality, excellent composition and the official website shows positive customer reviews from those who have already tried it out and got astonishing results.

It’s truly a dreadful situation when you’re doing all that you can to shed off excess pounds but are not able to notice even an inch’s reduction in your waistline. But it’s better for you to not waste any time huffing and puffing. Rather try out other more promising methods to shred the excess pounds and get the physique that you’ve always desired.

After all, a well-maintained weight helps you stay confident about your appearance. It also cuts down the risk of diseases that come with obesity. But what exactly is the formula to lose weight and get back into shape?

NutraVesta ProVen is one supplement that is power-packed with essential nutrients that can help you stay healthy and get rid of excess weight. The extra weight is melted off as your metabolism is boosted and your body’s detox processes are unclogged and sped up. Since the quality of this product is reliable, you have no reason to doubt or worry it would come with negative side effects.

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Look at the action prices


Biotox Gold / Weight Loss

€105.00 €66.60

Biotox Gold / Weight Loss

€105.00 €66.60

Biotox Gold 

#1 Best Weight Loss Supplement


So, you are looking to shed those extra pounds, but nothing has helped? You have tried exhausting exercises, and multiple fats burning supplements, but no expected results so far? Well, you are not alone! Losing weight is one of the toughest tasks that requires dedication and devotion. But what you need along with true devotion is a good fat burning supplement that helps you with real results.

Thus, after extensive research, we found Biotox Gold, which is among the top-selling fat burners. To ensure that it is not another scam, we decided to review the supplement in-depth.

Biotox Gold is a 100% natural supplement that contains all-natural ingredients to help you burn the fat accumulated around your body. The supplement claims to help you lose weight without adding any chemicals to your body, and that is why thousands of folks across the globe are using this supplement.

In a nutshell, the supplement acts on the stored fat in your body and helps your body get energy from the stored fat cells.

Here are the pros that you will get with Biotox Gold. The supplement is non-GMO and is FDA approved. Also, all the ingredients are tested in labs, so you can rest assured about the outcomes.

  • Manufactured in FDA-approved facilities
  • It helps you in reducing blood sugar levels, arteries blockage and improves sexual drive.
  • No side effects at all
  • Available in liquid form so you can take it easy, and there is no need to prepare any smoothies.

What We Don’t Like

  • Available to purchase on the official website only, and if it gets out of stock, then you have to wait to purchase it.
  • A single bottle costs more.

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Biotox Gold


Phen Q / Weight Loss

€75.95 €65.95

Phen Q / Weight Loss

€75.95 €65.95

Phen Q is a NEW  good selling product on the market, 5 in 1 pills, 100% procent based on natural ingredients

You’d be hard-pressed to find another fat burner in the market that works as well as PhenQ. It’s not only effective but also several times more powerful than most weight loss supplements.

If you’ve been struggling with hunger cravings or little weight loss results from your diet and exercise regimen, we believe that PhenQ can work for you.

Consider using this fat burner if you want a natural, effective weight loss supplement that you can use daily without developing any side effects. The 60-day money-back guarantee protects you from any losses since you can get your money back if the product doesn’t work.

2 bottles + 1 FREE

3 bottles +2FREE + FREE Advana Cleanse

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Phen Q

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